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Breedt’s Nek is not a single track mountain bike trail but a ground road.  This route does not challenge your technical skills but your endurance and strength, continuous climbing for about 4km  to the top of the mountain a total climb of 600m plus.  In total the distance to the top of Breedt’s Nek and back to the parking is 48km, if you feel you can’t make it you can turn around at any point.   There are no trail markings so you must go with people who have been before.  As the people who went with us left us behind, we got lost but fortunately a Dutch lady  directed us.  She made us very nervous when she said, “I love cycling coming from Holland, but I will never cycle up that mountain, Good Luck!

Our Overall Rating

Child Friendliness

Security on Trail
Fun & Variation
Hill Climbing

The venue:

Child Friendliness:

This trail does not cater for children at all.



I was pleasantly surprised, a farmer has decided to cash in on all the mountain bikers going up Breedts Nek.  He offers secure parking for your vehicles, toilets, showers, food and even overnight accommodation.



Breedt’s Nek is far from anything and not easy to find, the farm where you park has a sign on the road but you could easily miss and unless you have GPS co-ordinates I doubt you would be able to find this farm.

You pay R20 for your car and R10 per person, but that is just for secure parking and for use of facilities.  I was a bit upset afterwards, I gave money to the employee of the farm.  While I was at the toilet he gave my husband change.  Only after I arrived home did I find out that he only gave my husband R20 change.  At that stage he thought we were paying for the other car.  But then when the people that we followed there paid he did not correct his mistake.  Beware check your change!


The trail itself:

Security on trail:

There is no security on the trail as it is a public ground road.  As with anywhere don’t cycle alone.


Traffic Safety:

There is one slightly busy road to cross and then it is all public ground road.  Be careful for vehicles, it is a public road.



Fun &  Variation :

There is no real variation it is all ground road, the fun is when you get to the top after feeling close to death.



There are no technical challenges the challenge is all hill climbing.


Most of the road approaching the mountain is flanked by game reserve, so occasionally there is wildlife to see.  Once you are at the top of Breedt’s Nek the view is breath taking and you feel as if you are on top of the world.



No obstructions besides for traffic.



Maintenance does not really come to play in cycling this route as it is a public ground road.

Hill climbing:

This is by far the toughest hill climb I have ever done, 600 plus meter climb.


Trail Marking:

There are no trail markings be sure to go with someone who has done this before.

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  1. Peet
    | Reply

    Hi , could you please share the Farmers GPS coordinates?

    • Vivian Pitschlitz
      | Reply

      Hi Peet my apologies I kept forgetting to reply, by now you have probably been there. If you havent we don’t have the co-ordinates but what you do is head to Hekpoort. When you pass Hekpoort you get a T-junction turn left and keep looking left after about a km or 2 you see the Breedsnek Parking sign.

  2. Mark Segers
    | Reply

    Good afternoon all,
    On the 13th of November somebody placed a pair of prescription sunglasses on the back of my friends vehicle. in order to claim them you will need to tell me the make etc.
    you can email me on

  3. best mountain bike
    | Reply

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  4. Louis Erasmus
    | Reply

    The Breedtsnek parking is situated at Berlouri Farm on the R560 in Hekpoort(Google Berlouri Farm for coordinates).There is secure parking,a tuckshop/restaurant,clean toilet and hot shower facilities available as well as a guesthouse for overnight stay.

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