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Krugersdorp Game Reserve

We did not do a set MTB trail at Krugersdorp Game Reserve, but there is a trail put together by the regulars that starts at the entrance gate.  We are going to try it next time we go.  I have no stats on it.   We cycled 27km.  We chose to cycle this trail on a day when we were very sad and it was the best idea.  I found the beautiful grassy plains filled with buck so incredibly beautiful and peaceful.  It is the perfect place to go when you are feeling down or stressed out.  When we cycled close to the lion enclosure, we could see a lioness not far from us.  My husband kindly reminded me that if we saw any holes in the fence, it was nice knowing me, because I quote, “I don’t have to cycle faster than the lioness, only faster than you.”

The Krugersdorp Game Reserve is a lovely place but sadly not well run and many things are very run down.  The little restaurant/takeaway in the day picnic area could be a thriving business but there is hardly anything stocked and takeaways have not been made in a long time.  I do think on the lodge side things may be better as that is still busy, I will eat at their restaurant one day and give feedback on that.  The bird aviary has completely been let go.  It makes me sad when so much potential is being run down by bad management and neglect.

Weird fact:  there is an emu at the Krugersdorp Game Reserve , it was stalking us.  We were very cautious, and tried our best to keep a distance.  Does anyone know how an Australian bird ended up in a South African Game Reserve?  I tried googling it but could not find anything.



There is a grave yard in the middle of the Reserve


Date cycled:  10 May 2015

Min Altitude:  1528m

Max Altitude:  1719m

Total Ascent:  392m ( may not be 100% accurate):

Child Friendliness


The venue:


Child Friendliness:

This is a very child friendly place.  There is a big play area at the day picnic sight.  Children can easily cycle with parents as the jeep tracks are easy enough for them.



There are plenty of toilets available.  If you want a shower you could more than likely shower at the camp site.  Sadly while facilities at the lodge section are good, a lot of the reserve is being neglected.  The day picnic shop is barely a shop anymore.  The bird aviary has been let go to ruin.



Krugersdorp Game Reserve is on the outskirts of Krugersdorp and easily accessible.



It is a lot more expensive than anywhere else.  It costs R80 per person to mountain bike at the reserve.  I am usually very put off by a steep price but I enjoyed cycling at the reserve so much that I will gladly return and pay the steep price.  It is a very unique venue.


The Trail Itself:


Security on trail:

There does not seem to be enough patrols happening which could be a matter of concern.  I did not see a single security member or staff member in the 2 or 3 hours that we were out cycling.  I did not feel unsafe at any time but it is worrying considering problems such as poachers, that their security is not at all visible.


Traffic and obstructions:

You have to be careful for the four by four vehicles and road vehicles but we did not have any bad experiences all the visitors to the reserve were being respectful and driving slowly.


Fun &  Variation :

We had a lot of fun, steering clear of angry looking wildebeest and an emu who seemed to want to accompany us.  There are rocky steep hills and there are lovely flat grasslands, there is a bit of everything.



We did not do the trail mapped out by the regular mtbers so I cannot really comment on the technicality of that route.  The route we chose was not very technical except for some steep slippery downhills which I walked as my tyres are smooth and my bike was slipping too much.



The scenery is breath taking.  It is one of the reasons I will gladly return many times.




As I mentioned before the reserve is sadly very neglected in places and maintenance definitely needs more attention.


Hill Climbing:

From the lodge up is quite a steep hill, there is plenty of steep hill climbing if you want to do it but you can also avoid climbs if you don’t want to.  There is a very long and very steep hill that my husband attempted.  Michael has never before been defeated by a hill but after 3 attempts he decided he would try the hill again next time before any other cycling so that he would be fresh for the challenge.  Here is a video of the hill he attempted.

Trail Marking:

We were given a map of the reserve which is not at all easy to follow as it is not to scale and very rough.  You cannot really judge trail marking because there is not a set trail to cycle.  The regulars have marked out a trail but we don’t know how well it is marked and how long it is.

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