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We had the good fortune to be invited to join my friend and her family to sleep over at Sondela and cycle with her.  We cycled on the 24th December 2015.  I am not an early bird, my friend knows this so she said we had to come sleep over so that she could get me out of bed at 5am.  Sondela is so hot that you cannot cycle any later.  Besides for being woken up before the streets rolled out I really enjoyed myself.

I have to give low scores for:

  • technical as there are only 2 slightly technical points.
  • hill climbing as there are no hills, Sondela is completely flat

Don’t let the rating put you off cycling at Sondela is still great.  Sondela may not have the technical challenges but it does have bushveld beauty and is a great place to cycle distances.


Distance cycled:  31.43

Elevation: 177


The venue:

Child Friendliness

Child friendliness:

Sondela is a holiday reserve so it caters for children completely.  There are 2 x pool areas.  The main one has a hive of activities and entertainment for children.  The cycling tracks are all very easy and perfect for children.

The facilities are great as it is holiday destination.





Sondela is very easily accessible from Gauteng as you drive on highway all the way.




Sondela is only cost effective if you have accommodation there, either camping or staying in their chalets.  There is a conservation fee that you have to pay regardless of how long you stay of R160 per car, this is exclusive of the entry fee.



The Trail Itself:



Security on Trail
Fun & Variation
Hill Climbing


Security on trail:

Security is very good, this is a closed of Game Reserve.



Traffic and obstructions:

The trails do cross over roads so always be on the look out for vehicles.  This is a game reserve so be respectful of and try to keep your distance from the wild animals.



Fun &  Variation :

There may not be many technical bits but there are lovely windy bits through the trees.  The bushveld scenery is wonderful.  Because there are no uphills there are no downhills so you are constantly cycling.  It is fun to explore the bushveld.




This one of the only technical bits a large rock that you cross.  Then there are 2 dips with very short steep climbs. There is a section of road with thick sand and that is it for technical.  I enjoyed simply cycling without having to concentrate intensely and being able to pick up speed.  Michael my husband found the cycling a bit too easy and said he missed not having any technical bits.





Sondela is beautiful bushveld.





Maintenance & Trail Marking:

There were a few trail markings missing.  Fortunately my friend has cycled there often so she knew where to go.  While we were out a guy came on a bicycle to fix some of the markings.




Hill Climbing:

Sondela is completely flat there are no hills.



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