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Buffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park



As people rave about Buffelsdrift, I have been very keen to get to it.  I was not disappointed.  Buffelsdrift Mountain bike park is North of Pretoria in the beautiful bush veld.

We chose the easy 24km kudu trail.  It starts with a floating bridge for a bit of fun. Soon into the ride is a very sneaky hill, that makes you think you are close to the top until you reach the next bend.  After the hill you are rewarded with a lot of downhill but things are not downhill from there.   For a while it is rather dull and I was wondering if I should have chosen a more technical trail.  The last 9 kms however are brilliant and overlap with the red route.  You go downhill with berms and then you go through lovely windy forested sections.  I have a crazy fear of bridges but the bridges on the Kudu trail are lovely and I crossed all of them.

Distance 24km kudu trail

Total Ascent 258m

Trails vary from 7km to 40km


Child Friendliness

The venue:



Child friendliness:

There are shorter trails but this is not a trail for young children.


Facilities are great.  The toilets are clean and there are showers, which you need because it is either very dusty or very muddy depending on the weather.



It is north of Pretoria but there is a long roughish gravel road so it is best to do what we did and sleep over near to the trail.



Cost is the going rate R40 but considering the fantastic condition of the trails it is worth every cent.



The Trail Itself:

Security on Trail
Fun & Variation
Hill Climbing


Security on trail:

It is possible there are security issues at Buffelsdrift but I haven’t heard of them.  It is always best not to cycle alone.  The same day we cycled there, some guys found puff adders on the trail so be alert.


Traffic and obstructions:

There are road crossing and some ground roads that have farm vehicles riding on them so always be alert and look before crossing.  Also some trails cross each other so look out for other cyclists when reaching a crossing.


Fun & Variation

There was so much fun.  A fast rough downhill.   A downhill slope with berms.  Windy trails through foresty riverside.  Bridges and trails.  We even cycled onto an island (not part of the trail)




There are very technical trails.   However on the kudu there was enough technical to keep it interesting but nothing too challenging.    The kind of trail that a below average rider like myself enjoys.




Buffelsdrift has a mix of beautiful bushveld and lovely forested riverside.


Maintenance & Trail Marking:

Maintenance on the trail is excellent.  On the kudu route just before the last 9km which intercepts with the red route the markings are unclear but that was the only point where we were unsure.  Otherwise the trail markings were great.



Hill Climbing:

The kudu route has only one hill, but what a beep beep beep hill.  I found the first part, the concrete part, the worst it is steep and it is rough, once you get onto ground again it gets better.  Every time you think the top is near you go around another bend and there is more.

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