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Hennops Mtb Trail

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Hennops has an established hiking trail and 4×4 trail.   They have recently added a mountain biking trail.  I was concerned when we went to ride the trail that the trails would be hiking trails not properly adapted for mountain biking, fortunately this was not the case.  On our way we saw extreme hills and thought we were going to have tough climbs but the climbs were rather mild.  We cycled 20km, the full route which means you do a loop at every section there are 3 sections after the first 5km. The total elevation was 260m.  I particularly enjoyed the first 5km as the trail had fun winds and bumps and it is very pretty between the trees.  The trail is not very technical but not for the mountain biker starting out and on the other hand not extremely technical so may not be challenging enough to the expert rider.   The suspended bridge is fun and not scary to ride but may become a problem if the trail becomes busy as it is a two way bridge.  I did advise them that they need to put up signage that it is two way as it could become dangerous.   I am not sure if the first part of the trail is going to be ridable in rainy season as the trail dips into river beds but I am sure they will make alternative plans.  I enjoyed the trail and look forward to returning to see what they have added.

Child Friendliness

The venue:


Child friendliness:

It’s a very pretty venue geared to picnicking so a great place to take the family.  The first 5km is supposed to be the children’s trail but it is a bit too advanced for children starting out.



There are plenty of toilets and there is a kiosk that sells snacks and cool drinks.  The kiosk does not seem to be open in the afternoon.



Hennops is a bit far out but it is great to take a trip out to the country side.   The last part of the tar road is not great and is full of potholes but it is  a great place to go with a group of friends for a weekend mountain bike ride.



We went when Hennops was running a spring special at R30 but their normal price is R60.  I have advised them that from a mountain biker’s perspective this is a bit steep as the going rate is R40 for trails that have different routes at different levels of ability.  They did say that they would look into it.


The Trail Itself:

Security on Trail
Fun & Variation
Hill Climbing

Security on trail:

As always try never to cycle alone but we never felt insecure on this trail.


Fun & Variation

The suspended bridge was fun to ride.  I found the trail very enjoyable especially the first 5km that was windy and very pretty through the river bed.   I always complain that places seem to have all uphill but no downhill.  The Pelindaba part of the trail was odd, the climb was gradual but the downhill was lovely and went on for quite a distance really had fun flying down the hill.



This is a more enjoyable flowing ride and not very technical it is fun ride for the average mountain biker but may not be for the dare devil.



The scenery is beautiful and must be even more so in the summer.



When getting to the 4 x 4 part of the trail you have to be alert for 4 x 4 vehicles.


Maintenance & Trail Marking:

There were 1 or 2 trail markers missing but it was relatively easy to find our way.   We could not ride over two of the ramps as they did not have logs at the bottom.  The photo below makes it look like a small bunny up onto the ramp but it is much higher.  We had to climb over and it would not be easy to do it alone because of the steep angle up and down.  Hopefully they will sort out these ramps soon.



Hill Climbing:

Surprisingly there were no tough hills considering the hilly countryside.   The last section of the ride is in the 4×4 trail and they could easily add some of the steeper hills into the mountain biking trail without having to add to costs too much.


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