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24hr Southern Skies MTB race Parys




This was the birth of Team Tequila.  We had to find 7 victims volunteers, to be crazy enough to cycle in a 24hr race.

The race was in the first week of May 2016, but I know we will be talking about it when we are 100 and sitting on our rocking chairs together.  I don’t have the words to explain the camaraderie, the fun and the mental and physical challenge.  We had it all, we laughed, we cried, we I had tantrums and it will always be one of my fondest memories.

The major sponsors are Ma and Pa (Cleaning equipment) and Anotomic,   the site is their factory in  Parys,  they had a stall at the race and we bought cycling gear at ridiculously low prices.

The night of the race we went directly from summer to winter, we went from 30 degrees to sub zero.   This added to the challenge and the fun we were to cold to sleep and sat huddling around fires when not cycling playing silly pranks on our team members.  One of the pranks was to get people to drink the caffiene shots convincing them that they were delicious.  (They are beyond ghastly).

To our surprise our team came 3rd and won a prize.


General Organisation
Technical challenges
Watering Points
Goodies /Medal / Token
Fun Rating


General Organisation:

The race organisation is fantastic.  They have been doing it for a while.  I am not exactly sure for how many years but the organisers are very experienced and know what they are doing.

Only one team member can ride at a time.  The women in a mixed team have to do at least 4 laps each.   In the night they allow men to ride with women if they are scared.



There is no congestion, only one team member goes out at a time and they limit the amount of entries.


Technical Challenges:

The little trail had it’s technical challenges but there were chicken runs for everything, the  ramps were abandoned in the evening because sadly a cyclist passed away falling off.  His brave team decided to continue cycling as a tribute to him as cycling was what he loved, he would have wanted them to continue.


Watering Points:

This is not applicable as the course was only 7km long.


Goodies/Medal Token:

Best goody bags every we received 2 big bottles of bicycle cleaners.  We are still using ours.



You have to try and get there early, the camping is first come, first serve.  Lisa was the earliest in our group and staked out space for us laying everything she had out on our patch.  We were fortunate that she arrived when she did and found the spot.  If you came later you had to camp out the gate in the parking fields far from the facilities.



There are plenty of toilets but showers were a problem because something went wrong with the heating and we could only get showers from the staff showers.   Ladies were left with 2 showers for about 100 women.  This was due to a situation out of the organisers control so I cannot default them.  The organisation as I said was very good.

There is a 24hr take away and the food is very reasonably priced.  I was just a bit unhappy that they ran out of bacon on Sunday morning but they did very well.



Full marks for very cheap  event, I think it worked out to about R 250 per team member, just the goody bag was worth the entry.


Fun Rating


I had the time of my life.   The trail was fun, the team work was fun, drinking tequila shots while waiting to ride in the night was fun and teasing the hell out of eachother was fun.

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