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Hazeldean Valley Bike Park


We rode the Hazeldean Trail on the 23 October 2016.

This was by far the easiest trail I have ever ridden. It rained the night before so we had fun playing in the mud.

Because Assie, the guy who runs the trail, told me the trails are very easy I chose to do the 35km black route.  Don’t be fooled by the black route label, this is definitely not the traditional black route.  There are 4 obstacles for which there are chicken runs namely:  The koppie, the rock garden, the quarry and the hops.  The only one of the 4 that needs a chicken run is the quarry and a lot of the quarry is not really difficult.  By the time we got to the quarry we were craving some excitement so we really had fun doing the drop offs.    The part where you go up and down in the large field gets a bit tedious but despite this I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Assie says that he is hoping to get a new sponsor on board soon and there is a lot more fun on its way.  In my opinion this trail is necessary  and it serves a purpose as

  • It is a great ride for the beginner,
  • I have friends who enjoy trail riding to get out in the open but will never be keen on any technical,
  • it is a great ride to get some exercise without worrying about injury,
  • and it is a great place to do a recovery ride.

There are no climbs total elevation was:  186m  for the 35km.


The venue:


Child Friendliness

Child friendliness:


This is one of the few places, that I have given 5 stars to for child friendliness but it ticks all the boxes.   There is a secure play area, there is a little pump track and the trail itself is one of the best for a child to ride.  I usually complain that the child sections are far too technical the 5km pink route is perfect for children.



Because of the cow house market, the facilities are excellent.

You can enjoy the comfort of:

  • plenty of toilets,
  • variety of food and drinks
  • live entertainment
  • a great place to hang with your friends after the ride.
  • ample parking.



I think the Cow House Market must be reasonable new because all our navigation tools send us to the wrong side.  The road is good if you go the right way but we have found that we simply navigate to the Hazeldean Square and then drive to Cow House from there.



The price is great a bit cheaper than most, R 35.


The Trail Itself:

Security on Trail
Fun & Variation
Hill Climbing

Security on trail:

I am not sure how secure the trail is, as always rather never ride alone.


Fun & Variation

We did have fun but for my personal preference there was not enough variation.  As I said previously that is fine as this kind of trail serves a purpose – many people don’t want all the obstacles, they just want to ride easy trails and they also need to be catered for.



There was very little but the quarry had some exciting challenges.  Neither of us felt brave enough to do the rock face drop but we did all the others.




I love the bushveld scenery.   There are also breathtaking views of the valley at certain points.



There were to gates on opposite sides of a little road we had to open and close, apparently there is usually a guy that attends to the gates.  We were nervous of a bull but he seemed more nervous of us.


Maintenance & Trail Marking:

Maintenance on the trail is good but some trail markings are missing or a bit confusing, especially at the quarry.  The cattle mess with the trail at spots and I really think they should be made to go and stamp the path smooth again. (Only kidding).


Hill Climbing:

There are no climbs so it is not really applicable.


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