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50 Reasons why Cycling is way better than Running.

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1. You get to see the world.

Some pictures of sights I have seen in the past year cycling.   No way I would see near as much running.








2. You can rest downhill.

See the strain look at how hard this runner’s muscles are working



Look how happy this cyclist is




3.   It is much healthier for the joints and muscles.

Running is a high impact sport.  It places substantially more strain on your joints and muscles than cycling.





4.   The helmets

You couldn’t run with helmets on, it would be too much weight, but if you slip and fall the most precious part of your body is not protected.  Our brains are comfortably    protected at all times.





5.  The Tools

Multi tool, plugs, chain links, there is always another essential tool we cyclists want.  It’s a great topic for conversation and we are always exchanging tips on what to buy and where to get it.  Runners have – hydration packs or water bottles.  BORING!





6. The Cycling Tops


Cycling tops are not only gorgeous but they are extremely handy.  You can pack so many handy things in the very hand back pockets.







7. Morbidly obese people shouldn’t run but can ride bicycles

I was morbidly obese, I tried running first but my ankles and knees could not take it and I was miserable.  I tried running for a year 3 x a week.  I didn’t lose weight and was hating it.  Then I started cycling and I came down 6 dress sizes in the first 4 months!






8.  Its faster

Imagine this running along a road or trail at 40km/hr feeling the wind blow in your hair.  Nah never going to happen.  Cycling it does.   Going at a high speed is a big part of cycling fun.





9.  Its more exhilarating.

There are so many things about cycling that make me cheerful.  Conquering a steep rough climb, going over a challenging obstacle, chasing down a fast hill, seeing a pretty village pop up in the middle of no where, feeling the breeze and chatting to friends while cycling along.  Running simply can’t compare.





10. Much less chance of being bitten by insects and snakes.

Face it, running you are in direct contact with the ground.  Cycling you have a protective distance from creepy crawlies biting and stinging.





11. Can carry far more on a long trip.  

You can cover great distances without dying under the weight of your back pack.




He looks so comfortable not weighed under by all the things he is carrying at all





12. Many more things to buy for your bike.

So what can runners buy?  Another pair of running shoes?





13.  You can ride to work but running to work  leaves you ridiculously sweaty.




14.  Cyclists get to sit down

That’s right we get to sit down while enjoying our exercise!  Thanks to beautifully designed bike seats and wonderful padded cycling shorts saddle sore is a thing of the past.




15.  We improve our mechanical skills

What mechanical skills do runners have?




16. There is always something new in cycling

Dropper posts, disc brakes, automatic gearing and always fantastic new innovations.  What do runners have?  New running shoes.  Poor things!







17.  Riding bikes is more social

Picture this a group of runners having a lovely chat will running along, no I don’t think so, all that happens is a lot of gasping.  We cyclists on the other hand have a very merry time chatting up a storm.





18.  Our quads are better




19.  You can actually get to places.

Nobody says,”I am going to quickly run to a friend”, 15km away,  but if you have a bicycle 15km is around the corner.





20.  We can use our bikes to go shopping.

Heavy bags weigh runners down.






21.  Bikes are just cooler

Beautiful, fun and great exercise








22.  What do runners have to talk about? Running shoes and running.   What do cyclists have to talk about?  The bicycles, parts, accessories, cool trails, gear and so much more.






23  Cycling has an entire language of its own.

Slipstream, manual, berm, bunny hop, cadence, fixie, single speed, newb, pinch flat, bomb, the cyclists have their own language.  What do runners have?








24.  You can cycle in all kinds of weather.

Cycling in the rain wearing a rain coat BIG FUN!  Running in the rain with a rain coat, you are weighed down and uncomfortable.






25.  Cyclists are safer, we can out ride criminals.




26.  Ever see a happy runner on a trail or the road?  Nope







27.  If you have big highly active dogs, you can exercise with them, without having a heart attack.






28.   Running is simply a normal ability for people while cycling is a skill.

Straight after we learn to walk we learn to run.  It is a normal part of growing.  Cycling you have to learn to do it is a skill that we keep enhancing.




29.  If there is a zombie apocalypse we cyclists have a way better chance of surviving.

Try running away from World War Z Zombies no chance, on the other hand you can easily out cycle them.  Cyclists will definitely survive a zombie apocalypse.



30.   You can lift a friend.




31.  You can ride with your babies.



32.  You can zip through traffic quickly



33.  When you get up a steep hill you have double happiness on a bicycle.  

You are proud that you made it up and happy that going down is going to be so easy and soo much fun.



34.  You can travel the world with a bicycle.

Yes you can do it running but can you imagine carrying a huge back pack and running from the top of North America to the bottom of South America, then the top of Africa to the tip of Africa etc.


35.   Cyclists do fantastic charity work in South Africa, have you seen the Choc Cows?  

Yes there are charities that runners contribute to but are any of their organisations as well known?

36.  Cyclist have better events.


In South Africa cyclists have the Amashova, the Cape Town Cycle Tour, 94.7,  the Cape Epic, Sani2C, Joburg2C, and the only running race everyone knows is the Comrades.




37.   Cyclists have better naughty jokes.

We pomp and lube and have many giggles.





38.  We have wonderful super cycling heroes in South Africa

We have  Greg Minnaar  (20 times  World Cup winner )who do runners have?







39.   We cyclists are the toughest when we fall and hurt ourselves, we try to convince everyone that we are fine to carry on.

40.   Running long marathons is detrimental to your health, cycling long distances is good for you.


A lot of cycling reduces your risk of heart disease, too much running increases your risk of heart disease.  Studies from Purdue University in the US have shown that regular cycling can cut your risk of heart disease by 50 percent. And according to the British Heart Foundation, around 10,000 fatal heart attacks could be avoided each year if people kept themselves fitter. Cycling just 20 miles a week reduces your risk of heart disease to less than half that of those who take no exercise, it says.

Quoted from Mayo Clinic

The best health outcomes are actually found far below the exercise levels of even casual endurance athletes. A 15-year observational study of 52,000 adults found   that the highest degree of survival and health was found from running less than 20 miles per week, in runs of 30 to 45 minutes over three or four days, at about an 8:30 to 10:00 pace. The benefits decrease at amounts greater than that.

41. Cyclists have less chance of getting cancer.  

There’s plenty of evidence that any exercise is useful in warding off cancer, but some studies have shown that cycling is specifically good for keeping your cells in working order.



42.  Cyclists help the environment far more than runners.  


Generally runners don’t run to the shop to buy bread or to work.  Cyclists do, we use cars, buses etc far less than runners.






43.  Cycling is the best anti-depressant,

You are going fast, feeling the wind in your hair, flying down hills, running simply can’t make you as happy.

44.  Cycling is great for relationships.  

The stronger partner encourages the weaker and often helps him or her up a steep hill.   Running isn’t a thing you can help with.

45.   Running is a very inefficient way to build strength and cycling is very efficient.

Quoted from Road CC

Research carried out by Appalachian State University(link is external)’s (ASU) Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) showed that long-distance runners experienced more muscle damage, soreness and inflammation than cyclists after a period of intense workouts.

The study analysed blood samples from cyclists and runners aged from 19 to 45 who regularly compete in races. The athletes exercised for 2.5 hours per day for three days in the lab at 70% VO2max. Their blood was then taken after one, 14 and 38 hours to determine that the runners were in a significantly worse state.

The actual science bits are here(link is external) for those of you who can make head or tail of biochemistry.

According to principal investigator Professor David Nieman at the ASU HPL the results showed that cycling allows the body to exercise for longer because it causes less damage than its impact-heavy counterpart.






46.  When nature calls, you can quickly cycle to a loo but good luck running with a full bladder.


47.  Your training does not get interrupted cycling.  

When you are out training cycling everyone can see you are on your bike and training.  It is acceptable to wave and say a quick hello to a friend.  When you are out running you don’t have your bike as cover.  You have to stop and lose your flow and actually talk to the person.


48.  Cyclists have cooler movies

You can’t make cool movies like Premium Rush for running.  I fell asleep watching Chariots of Fire.


49.  Cyclists are friendlier



50. Cycling is just better so buy a bike!


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  1. Janet Brandon
    | Reply

    Very cool, had a good laugh, even if some of your comments are inaccurate 🙂

  2. Ron
    | Reply

    I had a good laugh. Thanks for the humour. It’s a great list. At my age, I prefer cycling my mountain bike. I agree that you can cover greater distances quicker and have much more fun while you de-stress. Our lives are so fast-paced and cycling is the answer. It’s the best way to actually see your environment or neighbourhood. When you are driving in your car you are in a capsule that blocks you off from people, but on a bicycle, you take more in. Your senses come alive with scents of flowers, grass, trees, braais, etc. You notice more on a bicycle than in a car. Maybe this is number 51.

    • Vivian Pitschlitz
      | Reply

      Thanks Ron completely agree. My mountain bike is not an inanimate object to me, he even has a name.

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