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Wolvespruit Bike Park

We went to Wolvespruit 3 April 2017.   We tried to go in December but Wolvespruit is closed in the December holidays.   I did the beginners route (green I think).  Elavation 157m.  I was not feeling too well so did not feel up to anything too challenging.  Michael did quite a bit of the blue route.

Wolvespruit is a great trail for the locals.  It is easily accessible and entry is reasonably priced.  If I lived in the neighbourhood I would probably go to Wolvespruit on a regular basis to train.   I found Wolvespruit to be a more functional to do the training type of trail than an actual fun day out. Michael did the blue route which has tough technical climbs which also is excellent training.



The Venue

Child Friendliness

Child friendliness:

Wolvespruit only has mtbing or trail hiking.  The green route is very child friendly and there is a pump track.   It is only good for families that only want to mtb.  There is also nothing to occupy a non-mountain biking/trail running spouse.



The bathrooms are great, clean and well maintained.  There is decent filter coffee and you can buy snacks.  There does not seem to be a restaurant.  The main building is a bike repair shop as well which is very handy.



If you live in Pretoria, Wolvespruit is nice and central and close to the highway.



The cost is the going rate for MTB parks.


The Trail Itself:

Security on Trail
Fun & Variation
Hill Climbing


Security on trail:

I haven’t heard of any incidents at Wolvespruit but then I am from Johannesburg.  As always don’t cycle alone.


Fun & Variation

Wolvespruit has a pump track.  I was a little disappointed in it as it was a bit overgrown.  I know these things cost money but I did feel that the pump track needed a bit more effort.   The green trail was a decent ride.   One downhill had very fun bumps and berms coming down.   I did like how the green route goes in a circular route with 3 circles so if anyone wants to cut their ride short it is very easy.


There is nothing very challenging on the green route, which is how it should be as it is the beginners route.  Michael did some of the blue route and he said there were very tough technical climbs. If Michael says it is tough, you know it is.




The scenery is gorgeous.  Wolvespruit has a lot of forest.  I am sure that it being so very shaded is very welcome on a hot day as we all know that Pretoria can be killer in summer.




There are no obstructions such as traffic or any vehicles to worry about.  Be mindful that there is also a hiking trail.



Maintenance & Trail Marking:

The trail is well marked.  There was one point that was a little unclear but we soon found that we were going the wrong way.  The friendly man in the photo above gives you all the information you need regarding the trails.  Unfortunately I cannot remember his name.


Hill Climbing:

There is a lot of tough climbing on the blue route.   If Michael finds it challenging then you know the climbs are worthwhile and you are going to break quite a sweat.


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